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Jubilee Communication Observations

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The Jubilee Celebration has provided us with many opportunities to celebrate and reflect, and we could write numerous blogs giving you our view, but we thought we would take a look at Charles' closing concert speech to see how we can use communication skills powerfully with big impact on our audiences. We also take a look at the art of reading peoples' reactions and emotions, the subtle movements that can help you ascertain what someone is thinking and feeling.

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Communication Skills

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Want to make yourself understood? Want to understand others? When it comes to communication it is not what we say or how loud we say something that is the most telling part of our communication!
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Viral Adverts

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"Going Viral" online adverts - what does it mean? Well it isn't my field of expertise, but having read an article in HBR, I guess I know more now about what makes a viral advert.

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WARNING - you may not want to watch these in a full office!

Oh Dear! - A long way to go with his Change Programne

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Another YouTube classic.

Sorry we couldn't resist adding this. At first we thought it was relevant to our Change Management Training Programme (maybe he should call us). It then made us realise that communication is very difficult - even when you think you are being clear....

Maybe he should give us a call!

Communication Again!

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Here are another 5 facts and tips when thinking of communication - a follow up to our Communication Skills Blog.

Again, maybe some uncomfortable reading - but useful to know.


Top Tips for Managing a Team

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Effective team management is vital for the success of any business. However, there’s no doubt that leading a group of people can be one of the most difficult challenges a manager faces. Not only does it require careful planning and organisation, it’s also vital to ensure you really understand what makes the people working for you tick; not just as a team but also as individuals. Below we bring you our top 10 tips for team management success.

Why employees don't do what you ask them

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Ever got frustrated when one of your employees has not done what you asked them to do?
Here is a list of reasons that you will have probably heard.


Have YOU ever not done something for your boss? Think about why....

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A Cold Call Lesson I learnt the hard way

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I recently learnt a big BIG lesson during a process of cold calling a specific group of businesses. It was a tough lesson to learn. I am sure I still don't get it right every time, but have a read of what I found out and the conclusions I came to.


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