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Customer Service - it isn't easy!

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So I had a bit of a rant on Twitter last night. As I was being "served" at a restaurant, I couldn't help thinking to myself what could be done to improve this gentleman's approach.

Read on to find out more.

OMG! True Customer Service Faux Pas

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3 dreadful things to say to a customer and 1 suggestion of how better to improve service!

Would you believe the 3 dreadful things were all said by the same person!

Bad (and good!) news travels fast - Why delivering good customer service is essential in the age of social media.

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There’s no doubt about it.
The age of social media truly has placed the power in the customer’s hand. Like never before, consumers are swapping and sharing stories of their experiences of companies with an ever-growing audience - and it all happens in an instant.

How to handle customer complaints & avoid developing a ‘fawlty’ reputation!

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There’s quite possibly no-one quite as infamous for providing poor designer replica handbags customer service than manic hotelier Basil Fawlty! His rude and highly intolerant behaviour towards guests helped the fictitious hotel Fawlty Towers build quite a reputation for itself - but for all the wrong reasons. Take a look!

A Cold Call Lesson I learnt the hard way

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I recently learnt a big BIG lesson during a process of cold calling a specific group of businesses. It was a tough lesson to learn. I am sure I still don't get it right every time, but have a read of what I found out and the conclusions I came to.


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