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Email - has it taken over as the primary communication tool in business?

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So a recent blog I wrote was about the “call back”,or lack thereof - a recent scenario that I went through when performing the infamous cold call routine.

I started to think a bit more about it and it generated some questions.

Apart from the reasons that I had already supposed for the non call back in my blog, what else could there be that would lead to such an experience? It led me to think....

Are people afraid of the phone?

Really, is it at risk of becoming a bit of an oddity in the world of business?

-Has other media taken over and people don’t like or value the phone anymore? I actually include myself in this statement.

-Are we actually afraid of speaking to people on the phone as it is no longer in our comfort zone?

-Why does email exist, why did it really ever take off? Apart from being able to send attachments, and a way of formally documenting something, why DOES email exist?

-Do we believe we are now too busy with stuff and that others are too busy with stuff that we send an email for them to read when they have time?

-Do we hide behind email, as it is easier to say certain things at certain times?

-How much time does it actually save us? I know for one that I write and re-read and ponder and re-do emails, so that I give myself every chance of not being misinterpreted. Wouldn’t it be quicker to simply SAY what I mean?

-With social media now, will our telephone skills completely vanish?

-Will we need the telephone, will it become as obsolete as fax machines?

-And what about those skills of communication that will go with it? Where will they end up? 

Gosh - more questions that answers right? (There is a song there).

But maybe we can differentiate ourselves a little bit by continuing to use the phone and using it wisely?

-Call instead of email.

-Call to “touch base” & maintain the relationship.

-Use it as a proof of your company's service ethic - you call back regardless!

-Deliver the good and the bad news via phone - it goes a long way to not be seen to be hiding behind email.

-I reckon, we could probably get things done faster if we picked up the phone more. Deal with the issue there and then rather than compose a lengthy email to get your message across.

Don't get me wrong, there is a place for email. But wouldn't it be good if we thought about its usage a bit more, and when might a phone call serve both us and our clients better?!

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Published on 24/06/2013 by Emma Harle.

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