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OMG! True Customer Service Faux Pas

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OMG ! These are 3 things that were actually said to us recently. By the same person! Can you believe it?

Improve Customer Service - make sure you are not working along these lines. 

Some are really CRINGE WORTHY.

1)   CUSTOMER: " I am just calling to see if the widget will be there by Saturday so I can pick it up as I have the guys coming round to fit it Monday and I am getting a bit worried as I haven't heard anything from you"

      SELLER: " As I told you, I will contact you when it arrives"

OUR VIEW - This is a really rude response to a customer. " As I have told you". WOW! We haven't been spoken to like that since we were at school. The bottom line is - Avoid any issues by keeping the customer up-to-date. If there is a problem or a potential problem TELL THEM quickly. And of course, don't chastise them like they were a child!

2) SELLER: " I am calling because your husband keeps calling me and leaving messages. We have been very busy. I don't know if you know anything about our industry, but it is growing like crazy at the minute"

OUR VIEW - What a dreadful way to respond! This is their problem (and what a great problem to have) - it certainly shouldn't affect the customer, nor should it be given as an excuse. Don't get into a situation where a customer is chasing you - it is a completely AVOIDABLE situation. If he had been proactive in his communication he would have avoided his customer from calling so many times. 

3) SELLER- "I guess with your partner being from a different country, they do things slightly differently there. I guess they like I's dotted and T's crossed!"

OUR VIEW - What on earth was this about! A customer is a customer is a customer. They need clarity and comfort that everything will go okay. Of course they want all their questions answered. If you feel like they are starting to mistrust you, then that is something that you have created!

I know it is hard to believe isn't it. Complete lack of EMPATHY! Needless to say, there was no recommendation from us for this company!

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Published on 22/10/2012 by Emma Harle.

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