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Book Reviews

59 Seconds - Richard Wiseman

Flipnosis - Kevin Dutton

Websites that we like

Robin Sharma - for Leadership Ideas

Inspirational snippets

Dancing with Sharks (stay with it, it takes a while!)

What is a mistake ? If you like jazz, take a listen to this. A great way to explain how to react to mistakes! Again, be patient, there is a bit of easy listening to get through before the point is revealed

Amazing strength?  As my friend would say...."anything is possible with training". Watch and be amazed!

Extreme Sports ! Do you think these guys were afraid to step out of their comfort zones?

We just love this stuff, things that people shouldn't be able to do and things that people shouldn't try. In whose book?

Will Smith! - Talks about his life and his beliefs.

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Published on 15/06/2012 by Emma Harle.

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