What we offer

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Business advice for Newcastle and Durham as well as the rest of the North East and those located elsewhere in the UK.

We help businesses to grow & people to be successful.

We help you save time, save money, improve cash flow, get the most out of yourself and have more motivated and skilled employees.

How? There are 4 key ways that our business advice can help you do this.

Business Assessment and Improvement service
For cheaper than you thought possible, we can spend time in your business and independently assess one area or many areas upon your request. We will observe, listen and advise you on improvements and changes to help you save money, grow your business, improve staff morale, become more efficient with processes and procedures, save time and gain new key skills. Whatever your concerns, our business advice can help you move forward. Ask about our fee based guarantee.

Business Skills Training Programs
We run regular business skills training programs at various stages throughout the year, addressing the most common people skills required for a successful business and office environment. They are effective and jam packed full of valuable learning and our replica handbags business advice will equip you and your employees with the skills to make them more effective in the workplace.
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Customised Training Programs
If you have identified an area within your business that is in need of a revamp, or in need of focus, or you feel you don’t have the skills necessary to get you to your next goal or development target and require advice on how to get there, then we can help you with a customised development program, targeted at your peoples learning. Through listening to your challenges and asking questions, sometimes even observing ourselves, we can form a skills training session specific to your needs.
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People Strategy & Development
Are you reliant on some key individuals, which if they were no longer in your business, you would be concerned?
Do you have a succession plan for people leaving your rolex replica business?
Do you have staff who are full of potential yet not motivated?

People are the key to your business success. If you have recognised this, and wish to specifically target them to help you grow and achieve, yet are unsure where to start or what to prioritise or indeed how to go about it, then our business advice can help you formulate that targeted plan.
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Change Management Implementation
Are you changing a process, changing technology, changing structure, merging, moving ? Are you thinking of changing something within your business? Have you planned the change? Do you know how to make it work effectively?

Our business advice can help you implement a successful change. We can help you plan, develop a change team, communicate, implement and measure the success of your change program.
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Elrah Consulting offers business advice and runs training courses regularly at various venues in Newcastle, Durham and throughout the North East, and is available to deliver sessions in house as well as in other parts of the UK also upon request. To find out more about how we could help you grow, develop and achieve the success you deserve, why not contact us today?

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