Presentation Skills

You have 30 seconds to capture your audiences attention and the rest of your presentation to convince them that they were right to listen! 

In this Presentation Skills course we will provide you with Gold Nuggets of information and techniques to make your presentations powerful.

Over the 1.5 days we will guide you through what you can do to improve your presentation skills. You will have the opportunity to practise presenting (remember theory is great, but practise is better), recieve feedback & apply what you have learnt.

Headline Content:-

- Preparation for the delivery - what you need to know

- Ideas on material preparation to take the audience through a journey

- How to use presentation equipment and slides appropriately

- Using Body Language to emphasise your delivery

- Use of stories to sell your breitling replica ideas

- Techniques to use whilst presenting to hold your audiences attention

- Persuasive Language

- Subtle ways of connecting with the people to help draw them in

- Dealing with different personalities, difficult people or difficult questions

- Key confidence building tips to help you be powerful in front of people


Wouldn't you like to know how to present with confidence and convince your audience?

You want to be the best you can be, right?

Attendees will leave the training course with a range of tools including our structure breitling replica guide - How to manage present powerfully. You will be given suggested reference materials and books to read. You will also have the opportunity to practice your own pertinent presentation material.

Elrah Consulting delivers training courses regularly at various venues in Newcastle, Durham and throughout the North East, and is available to deliver sessions in house as well as in other parts of the UK also upon request. To learn more about how our Presentation Skills Workshop could help you in business, why not contact us today?

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