Business Development Courses

Customised Business Development Training Courses

If you have an identified challenge or problem, we listen to your individual needs as a business and design and deliver courses to help you achieve your required outcome. Whatever your current or future challenge or your business aspirations, we will design training development material around your specification, and provide all the help and advice required to deliver the change you need.

We utilise a range of techniques to ensure our Business Development Training Courses are fully tailored to your individual requirements:

  • We spend time with you to ensure we really understand your true needs and that our training and people development is appropriate and pitched at the right level. WE LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN.
  • We get to the heart of the issue, the root cause and explore what we can deliver in terms of training to rectify your business’s problem or just accelerate your growth.
  • The sessions are customised, interactive and your people will be made to feel at ease whilst also having fun!
  • Whenever appropriate, we will give individuals time to practise their learns.

Our training courses are highly effective. We provide all the advice, knowledge and tools you need to ensure you see real improvements to your business:

  • We give you the ability to measure the success of your program, so along with you, we can develop some performance measurements to understand “pre” and “post” patterns.
  • We stick with you throughout the process which we know is not overnight. As a minimum a free 90day embedding program will be put in place (see what make us different) to help ensure lasting change, but we may suggest other options to you to ensure effectiveness, depending on the business development course that we are running.

We ensure our training courses are cost effective and fully flexible:

  • We run courses at a time to suit you and the needs of your business. Evenings and weekends are no challenge!
  • We offer a range of packages to help you with the cost of making your business grow.
  • Our standardised courses can be tailored for your specific needs, which can help you reduce the cost, yet keeps the learning very specific and relevant to your business. See our range of standard courses.

Elrah Consulting offers Customised Business Development Training Courses as well as standardised courses regularly at various venues in Newcastle, Durham and throughout the North East, and is available to deliver sessions in house as well as in other parts of the UK also upon request. To find out more about how we could help you to make long lasting changes to drive your business’s success, why not contact us today?

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