Business & Personal Development Courses

Standardised Business & Personal Development Courses

We are experts in helping both individuals and businesses flourish and grow. Our courses are centred on people and providing them with development opportunities, and we ensure that everyone leaves with the tools and actions needed for effective, long lasting change.

Techniques suited to everyone

Everyone has a different approach to learning and we ensure that all topics of our training courses embrace each style, allowing individuals to learn in their preferred way.All our business & personal development courses are interactive, creative and thought provoking which in turn ensures they are engaging and stimulating. We also recognise the importance of ensuring delegates feel comfortable & at ease and our training is delivered with empathy.Where appropriate, we will give individuals time to practise to help them to embed the new skills they have developed.

Effective strategies

We know that learning new skills and techniques in one session can be tough. All too often, delegates leave training courses feeling "motivated", but once they return into the working "real" environment, pressures and stresses take over. Therefore, we have a range of follow up schemes to help ensure you’re really able to put into practice the skills our business and personal development courses help you to develop:All of our training courses come with an invite to re-attend for free within 1 year* should attendees wish to explore furtherAll our training programmes come with a free 90day embedding program (see what makes us different), again to help provide attendees with opportunities to reflect and practise their new skills.

Flexible & Cost effective

We understand that flexibility is crucial to any business and, of course, costs are important too! Therefore, we offer a range of packages for our training programmes to meet your requirements - whether it is discounts for multiple bookings or flexible payment plans, we have the solution to all your training needs.We can run our standard courses within your facility to help you reduce costs.Time away from desks, especially for small business can seem a tough sacrifice. Therefore, we can also run our courses at a time to suit you and your business’s needs. We will ensure you leave each training course with the tools & actions needed for you to make lasting change.

* Subject to Availability

Elrah Consulting delivers training courses regularly at various venues in Newcastle, Durham and throughout the North East, and is available to deliver sessions in house as well as in other parts of the UK also upon request. Please view our list of business and personal development courses for full details of the training we offer.

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